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Carpet Cleaning Services London

Carpet Cleaning Service London

Goldservice Contract Cleaning Ltd provides extensive carpet cleaning services in London.

We can keep your carpets and soft furnishings looking their best and maximise their lifespan. Our carpet cleaning professionals can remove most stains and help protect your carpets against resoiling.

Our preferred method is hot water extraction as we believe this is the most effective way of removing germs and stains. Carpets are left hygienically clean. Goldservice can clean your old tired-looking carpets and restore them to look like new. We specialise in cleaning large areas using either portable or truck-mounted machines. All our operatives are uniformed and highly trained. Our commitment to quality and high standards remains our priority at all times.

The cost of replacing a carpet is often expensive and inconvenient, but with our extensive carpet cleaning expertise, our modern energy efficient equipment and our environmentally-friendly chemicals, we can totally rejuvenate your carpets.

We offer specialist cleaning services for the following types of carpets:

Shag pile, cut pile/twist, velvet pile, berber/loop pile, saxony, frieze and plush

We can tackle stains including:

Tea/coffee, food, wine, paint, glue and blood

Maintaining your commercial carpets

Keeping your company image fresh and clean starts from the ground up. This includes maintenance of your commercial carpet to keep it in tip-top condition.

Commercial carpeting comes with unique challenges. It receives a much higher amount of foot traffic than residential flooring and it must be easy to maintain so as not to disrupt your flow of business.

When selecting carpeting to fit your commercial needs, consideration must be given to the type of fibre, construction, pile design and colour. Once fitted, it must be regularly maintained and professionally cleaned in order to protect your investment and your reputation.

It’s all about the timing

You’ve heard before that there is a time and place for all things. This principle even applies to the maintenance of commercial flooring. The first essential step is to regularly vacuum with a high-quality vacuum cleaner which, depending on the level of traffic, may need to be done every day.

Next, be sure to treat spots and spills quickly and effectively. The quicker you treat a spill, the less chance it has of becoming a stain. See our Guide to Carpet Spot and Stain Removal.

Last, but far from least, is the importance of regular, professional commercial carpet cleaning. Your carpet acts as a filter in your office. It grabs hold of dirt and allergens and clings on to them, so they are not floating around in the air you breathe. When this filter becomes full, all that dirt and allergens will begin to freely float around your office, which can lead to respiratory issues for employees and customers.

This is where our carpet cleaning technicians come to the rescue. They are fully equipped and experienced in creating commercial carpet cleaning maintenance programmes that will restore and maintain the beauty of your commercial carpeting, and improve the indoor air quality of your office/premises.

Please contact us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our certified cleaning technicians.

Guide to Carpet Spot and Stain Removal


Spots. Spills. Stains. They are often the first things visitors to your premises notice about your floor coverings. Left untreated, spots and stains on carpets have the potential to create a negative impression of your business, school or office building. However, early response can help reduce the incidence of permanent blemishes and keep your carpets looking fresh and clean, no matter what life throws at it or drops on it!


What is the difference between a Spot and a Stain?

The difference between a spot and a stain is about 24 hours. Treated quickly, spots and spills are easier to clean. However, if a spot sits and becomes a stain it will be more challenging to remove and more likely to become permanent.

Check for Spots and Stains daily

Commercial carpeting is a big investment. You can help prolong its life and keep it looking attractive by treating and cleaning spots and stains quickly. Checking for them daily should be a routine part of your ‘carpet maintenance programme’, which experts agree should look something like this:

  • Prevention: Eighty percent of dirt is walked off within about 12 feet of entrance matting. Take precautions to prevent certain types of spots and stains before they happen, with exterior and interior matting or walk-off tiles to capture moisture, greasy slush and street soil before it is tracked on to your expensive carpeting.
  • Daily Vacuuming and Inspection: Regular carpet vacuuming, especially in high-traffic areas, removes dry soil and prevents it from grinding into fibres. A frequent check of all areas allows new spots to be treated quickly before they become permanent stains.
  • Interim Cleaning: Interim maintenance, such as low-moisture bonnet cleaning will help your carpet retain its like-new appearance longer, and will help improve performance. Interim cleaning should be carried out on a regular basis in high-traffic areas.
  • Periodic Deep Cleaning: Sometimes referred to a restorative maintenance. Do this less frequently – perhaps twice annually – to deep clean carpets and remove embedded dirt and soils. Use an extraction machine with the correct extraction cleaner, which will brighten carpets and help them resist resoiling.


Identify your Stain

Whenever possible, identify your spot or stain before attempting to remove it. Different stains require different chemicals and removal processes, so your success rate will depend on accurate identification of your stain.


Vacuum Solids, Absorb Liquids

The sooner you act, the better your chance of complete stain removal. Vacuum or scrape up solids first. Blot liquids with dry, white absorbent cloths or paper towels. Continue blotting until your cloth is no longer absorbing liquid. Never use coloured towels as they may transfer dyes to fibres. Avoid rubbing, as this can move stains further into carpet fibres and into the carpet pad.


Treat your Spot and Stains

Have a variety of chemicals in your cleaning arsenal for when accidents strike. Hydrogen peroxide-based products do not leave a residue and are ideal for stains containing tannins, like coffee and tea. Enzyme-based cleaners best remove organic soils such as food spills, urine and blood, while red dye-removing cleaners work well on red wine and juices.


  1. When using chemicals, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Pre-test treatment chemicals first in an inconspicuous area to ensure they will not discolour or damage carpet fibres.
  2. Spray chemical on stain and work it from the perimeter in towards the centre of the stain. Based on directions, you may need to pre-wet the area with water.
  3. Let treatment chemical sit for a few minutes, then blot. Change cleaning cloths if they become saturated to avoid spreading the stain into the surrounding area.
  4. After treating, lightly spray-rinse the area with clean water to remove any residual chemical. Then blot again. If chemicals are not completely removed, they can attract new dirt later and cause resoiling.
  5. To help prevent stain reappearance, place a dry cloth or paper towel and a weighted object on top of the stain and leave it overnight. Stains that have penetrated to the lower sections of carpet fibres or the pad should ‘wick’ up the fibre and into the dry cloths.
  6. Remember: patience is a virtue! Steps 2-5 may need to be repeated in order to completely remove a stain from carpeting.


Simple Science Carpet Cleaning Vocabulary

Blot – Press down and soak up into a cloth.

Bonnet Cleaning – a low moisture cleaning method, which cleans only the face fibres of carpeting. It is performed with a bonnet machine.

Extract – To pull or draw out a soil or liquid from carpeting with suction. This is usually carried out with a machine.

Organic Soil – Originating from any living organism, including blood, food and grease.

Resoil – New stains that appear where old stains were cleaned, due to sticky residual cleaning chemicals attracting new soiling to the same spot.

Tannin – An organic, acidic substance that comes from certain plans and is found in drinks such as red wine, coffee, tea and some juices.

Wick – To draw up liquid (and soiling with it) to the surface of carpeting.

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